International Association of Labour History Institutions


1. Name

The name of the organization shall be "International Association of Labour History Institutions".

2. Membership

Membership shall consist of
(a) libraries and archives established in organizations of the labour movement;
(b) documentation and research institutions specializing in the history and theory of the labour movement.
The institutions shall be represented by senior staff. Each institution has one vote at the conference. Applications for membership shall be made to the secretary of the Association who submits them for endorsement to the co-ordination committee.
Membership can also be conferred on individuals prominent in any field of labour research. Individual membership shall not carry a vote at the conference.

3. Objectives

The objectives of the Association shall be
(a) to foster closer co-operation between the institutions;
(b) to interlend wherever possible;
(c) to encourage the interchange of publications and duplicates;
(d) to initiate and sponsor publications such as bibliographies, holding lists and surveys falling within the field of interest of the Association.

4. Conference

There shall be an annual conference of the Association at a place agreed upon at the previous conference. The official languages of the conference shall be English and French.

5. Decisions of Conference

Decisions shall be made by a simple majority.
Election of officers and changes of the constitution shall require a simple majority. Voting for the election of the secretary shall be by postal ballot, to be counted at conference.
Proposals to change the constitution of the Association and the names of candidates proposed for election as officers have to be notified to the secretary at the latest twelve clear weeks before conference, and circulated to members by the secretary.

6. Agenda of Conference

The agenda of conference, to be drawn up by the secretary, shall include
(a) reports on membership, finance, activities of the Association during the previous year;
(b) endorsements of membership applications received;
(c) any other matter concerning the Association which a member wants to report or comment on; these matters have to be notified to the secretary at the latest twelve clear weeks before conference;
(d) any further matter which conference itself decides to put on the agenda by a simple majority immediately after the formal opening of conference.

7. Officers

(a) The chairperson has to be elected at conference. Preference should be given to a representative of the host country. The election is to be chaired by the chairperson of the previous conference.
(b) The secretary shall be elected at conference for a period of five years with the possibility of renewal for one more period. The secretary conducts the business of the association between the conferences. He/she writes the minutes of the conference, which have to be sent to all members and agreed by the following conference. He/she is responsible for the conservation of the archives of the Association. After the mandate period, the secretary shall deposit the archival material of the Association from the period in the International Institute of Social History (IISG).
(c) A co-ordination committee shall assist the secretary in conducting the business of the association. This committee of five members representing languages and regions shall be elected at the conference for a period of five years. The committee is empowered to co-opt up to five members.
(d) The administration of the membership fee for the Association can be entrusted to an institution chosen by the annual conference.

8. Finance

Membership fee shall be fixed by the conference.

Adopted, Barcelona, 15 September 1981 -- Revised, Zürich, 12 September 1988 -- Revised, Copenhagen, 24 September 1993 -- Revised, Oslo, 8 September 2000 -- Revised, Ghent, 8 September 2005.